Skype with sound and video support :)

Kevin Oberman oberman at
Tue May 17 16:01:42 UTC 2011

> Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 10:38:58 +0300
> From: Ion-Mihai Tetcu <itetcu at>
> Sender: owner-freebsd-emulation at
> Hi,
> As you may have noticed skype ports were updated a few days ago.
> All skype ports were moved to net-im/:
> - skype12: unchanged, very old version (for FreeBSD 6)
> - skype20: last version with OSS support, that used to live in
> net/skype; the DISTFILE is gone from the vendor but if you happen to
> have it it would be a way of having sound w/o a need to upgrade your
> base OS
> - [RECOMANDED] skype: currently at and the best supported
> - skype-devel: currently at, sounds is OK, video doesn't work
> In order to run either skype or skype-devel with fully working sound
> you need:
> - to run fc10 (most probably, please report what you can run with fc4):
> in /etc/make.conf for systems that doesn't have it as default)
> - In order for Skype to work OK, you need your kernel and modules to be:
> 	- post 2011-05-03 in on HEAD
> 	- post 2011-05-08 in on 7,8-STABLE
> The port tries to catch if your system version is too old, but there's
> a ~3months window where because of a lack of OSVERSION bump, this is
> not possible. So please check; and PLEAE READ THE PKG_MESSAGE for
> setup details. For how to update your kernel/world, see:
> If you run into problems, at very least we need to know the output of:
> $ uname -a; sysctl compat.linux | head -2; grep OVERRIDE_LINUX_ /etc/make.conf; cat /compat/linux/etc/alsa/pcm/pcm-oss.conf
> the skype version you are using, and hardware details (eg. webcam) if
> related. I most probably will ignore any mail not containing this info
> since without it it's impossible to help.
> Please test your sound /video setup outside skype before blaming skype /
> mailing me.

Many thanks for all of the work that went into getting a modern version
of Skype working!

Please put the information in this message (or at least most of it) into
ports/UPDATING so a few less people running old kernels will be bitten
by the installation of the new Skype port.
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