Is here any DVB-S card compatible with FreeBSD?

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Tue May 17 12:15:17 UTC 2011

Quoting Lev Serebryakov <lev at> (from Tue, 17 May 2011  
13:04:30 +0400):

>> PayTV)? If yes, there are some where the DVB-S(2) part should work,
>   Yep, I've messed terms :)
>> but none of them are tested regarding CAM and multimedia/webcamd has
>> no support for this (you would have to talk/work with hps@ regarding
>> this).
>   Maybe, it will ``just work'' :) I'll

Unlikely. Webcamd needs to get support for the CAM part.

I have this on my to-buy list, when I get time to take care about my  
PC based TV setup:
   TechnoTrend S 2 3650 CI USB
It's a DVB-S2 USB device with a CAM slot.

The DVB part is similar to something which is known to work but comes  
without the CAM part.


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