skype; alternate versions of the Linuxolator v4l2 patches

Daniele Mazzotti kappei84 at
Sun May 15 08:48:07 UTC 2011

Hi Jurgen,

my name is Daniele. I am trying to install skype,1 as I am
interested to check if my Logitech webcam works with skype under FreeBSD 8.2
(I can successfully use it under Ubuntu Linux 11.04). However, I am stuck at
step 0, that is, I cannot install skype from ports. This is the output I get
from the compiler.

### Code ###

cd /usr/ports/net-im/skype/ && make install clean
===>  skype-,1 needs sys/dev/sound/pcm/dsp.c r221388 (and other
changes). Please update your system post r221583 / Sat May 7 09:26:11 2011
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/net-im/skype.

### Code ###

I have searched on the Internet but I found nothing. How can I update my
"system post r221583"?


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