expiration of net/skype ?!

mato gamato at users.sf.net
Sun May 1 07:22:38 UTC 2011

Jason J. Hellenthal wrote:
> martinko,
> Hi, Ive read your post below and the following two messages on this
> among other messages regarding the deprecation of ports.
> One thing that should be noted is that once the deprecation process is
> done and over and the port nolonger becomes part of the tree, you are
> still more than able and welcome to keep the distfiles you have as well
> checkout just the port directory in question that you are worried about
> to a seperate place other than the ports tree to maintain it locally.
> The port may not exactly be in the snapshot tree but just because of
> that does not mean it will not work for you from a different location.
> Also note that it may actually be good practice for those that need to
> use those ports but are unsure of exactly what it involves to upkeep
> them. It could lead you to another time where you might be interested in
> being the maintainer for that port.
> On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 01:47:30AM +0200, martinko wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> So what is this deprecation and expiration of net/skype port please ??
>> I'm asking because I've been using it successfully for more than a year
>> and installed it again just this weekend without any issue.  And I've
>> read in the mailing lists many others use it too.  So why all that
>> black-listing ?  Should I copy the port to my home folder for future
>> installations ?  Or can I / we do something about keeping it in the
>> ports tree ?  I would surely appreciate if it could stay there.

Hi Jason,

Sure I can do it and it was part of my original question.  The thing is 
that it's not only about myself -- whenever I would install FreeBSD (or 
PC-BSD) to someone and they would ask about Skype (which is very often) 
I would have to get the old port and distfile, which complicates things 
just a bit more.  Also new users checking on what FreeBSD provides find 
that Skype is deprecated and that may be one more reason for them to 
avoid FreeBSD.  I believe the project should make it easier, not more 
difficult, for people to get onboard.  Even Linux distributions that 
want to keep their main repos clean of non-free software have 
"problematic" stuff in a "non-free" repo easily available.



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