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Date: 7/20/2011
Subject: RE: Hi

Hello Michal,

Thanks. Yes to change the job I have got success but it is not easy when you leave one company and start another company with new challenges.

What type of business you are thinking?

You never know when you will get very good job. It is just matter of time. It might be Google.

Enjoy your holidays.

Thanks and Regards,
Vishal Soni

On 07/18/11 7:24 AM, Michał Hendzel wrote:
halo Vishal.

Congratulations of your new job. I'm very happy for you that you have succeded.
For me it is as usuall. Chip and Dail are in charge. I do try to search for other oportunities, however I also think to initialize my own bussiness. It is not easy ... as Ian used to say. (No body said it going to be easy). Nevertheless, I'm on holidays in Croatia (Europe) and I will enjoy it as much as possible. 

Recently the Google has asked me for the interview, and on 9th I have the second interview with google. ... I don't think that I have enough skills to join google ... but as the English fallows say: To taste the pudding I have to eat it. :)

Good luck Vishal in your new job.

I look forward to organize the trip to India to see you and Rahul somewhere in the India :)

Best regards
Mike Hendzel

On 07/17/11 9:29 AM, Vishal Kumar Soni wrote:
Hi Michal,

I wish you are in good health and doing fine.

How is everything ? How is office going one?

Thanks and Regards,
Vishal Soni

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