Android Remote Control

Zokama contact at
Wed Feb 23 11:46:59 UTC 2011

Hi guys. I just finished the version 0.2 of my Android remote control app  
and I'd like to get some feedback from different users/system/devices  
before submitting it to the Android market (and getting my ass kicked on  
the comments). But most of all, I think you might be interested.

The app is called SSHmote and allows you to control your media player  
software using a SSH connection. Today, SSHmote includes 2 default  
profiles: MPlayer and VLC, but the cool thing is that all commands are  
editable. If you want to allocate one of the remote control's key to  
another action, you can. It is even possible to change the application you  
want to use and therefore create a whole new profile. I think it should be  
fairly simple to customize for people that know a bit about shell commands.

So if you are interested and you own and Android device, give it a go:

You can find more details on my (humble/under construction) web site.

(And sorry if I wasn't suppose to use this list for this)


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