Infrared ENE CIR KB3926 chipset, freebsd lirc port

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Feb 20 01:55:57 UTC 2011

This chip is commonly found in laptops, one of which I've just tried.
I think FreeBSD is missing a driver for the infrared part of it?

Linux 2.6.37 claims both receive and transmit capabilities.
Lirc 0.8.7 and up has an ene0100 interface to it for both receive
and transmit. So I'll try with Ubuntu 10.10 just to test things out.

Whereas in Linux ene_ir.c, Maxim notes that ENE helped out with
documentation. Perhaps those docs can be shared with FreeBSD / nox?

Thanks nox for bringing lirc to 0.9.0+, that's half the battle :)

Below is for crawlers and reference:

 "Embedded CIR controller (Both Transmit and Receive)"

Linux driver:;a=tree;f=drivers/media/IR;h=918059bee979499fab2ade00f477f5feb81259cf;hb=HEAD
 ENE KB3926 B/C/D/E/F CIR (pnp id: ENE0100, ENE0200, ENE0201, ENE0202)
 LIRC - Linux Infared Remote Control
 lirc port update for testing - now also for mceusb via webcamd svn
 More webcamd dvb remote hacks - lirc port update for testing

[Not sure which list is best so I only once bcc to: hardware and ports]

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