Midi and FreeBSD

Zahemszky Gábor Gabor at Zahemszky.HU
Sat Feb 19 17:38:24 UTC 2011


> > If I buy a "MIDI-USB" communication cable to connect it to my


> > PC, will it possible to use it? Do I need to buy a special cable
> > (made-by-XYZ), are there any specific drivers, or programs, with
> > what I can play with it. I've seen eg OpenBSD's midish CLI program,
> > but it isn't ported to FreeBSD (yet).
> > 
> > (I use FreeBSD8 on both i386 and Amd64.)
> Hi,
> Yes, there exists plenty of USB MIDI software for FreeBSD, but not
> all is in ports. The USB MIDI solution in FreeBSD is part of
> snd_uaudio. Do you see any devices like /dev/umidiX.Y ?

As I've written in my first mail (*), I haven't got the USB-MIDI cable
yet (as I don't know, do I have to buy some specific, or any of them
will be good.)

So if I understand you correctly, after buying that cable, I
only have to "kldload snd_uaudio", connect the drum-machine to the
PC with that cable, and I'll see (OK, I have to) /dev/umidiX.Y
devices? It'll be great. (I think one of the umidi device - eg.
umidi0.0 - will be the MIDI-OUT/PASSTHROUGH and the other - umidi0.1
will be MIDI-IN?) Or if not, are there any documentation about it as I
hadn't find it in man snd_uaudio. By the way, nowhere in "man -k midi".
Does this snd_uaudio driver will give us the original
Linux-like /dev/sequencer OSS-device? Or how can I use these /dev/umidi

And where are those "plenty of MIDI software"? (I hope, I can
download and install them by hand, but of course, I'd like better them
from ports.)

Thanks for your quick answer!

Gábor < Gabor at Zahemszky dot HU >

# See my GPG key at http://www.Zahemszky.HU
Z='21N16I25C25E30, 40M30E33E25T15U!';
set -- $Z;for i;{ [[ $i = ? ]]&&print $i&&break;
[[ $i = ??? ]]&&j=$i&&i=${i%?};
typeset -i40 i=8#$i;print -n ${i#???};
[[ "$j" = ??? ]]&&print -n "${j#??} "&&j=;typeset +i i;};
IFS=' 0123456789 ';set -- $Z;for i;{ [[ $i = , ]]&&i=2;
[[ $i = ?? ]]||typeset -l i;j="$j $i";typeset +l i;};print "$j"

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