lirc port update for testing - now also for mceusb via webcamd svn

Juergen Lock nox at
Fri Feb 11 23:40:57 UTC 2011


 After testing a webcamd patch for dvb tuner remote's /dev/lirc0
support, making a port update for comms/lirc (more details in this

), and adding (among others) usb ftdi remote support to the lirc
port update (untested, or at least I haven't heard back from people
wanting to test it yet, see

) I discovered webcamd svn already builds the Linux mceusb driver
too so I then tested that also.  After reporting a bug for which
Hans meanwhile committed a fix mode2 got data, just irrecord didn't
quite want to work yet, it kept saying `Sorry, something went wrong.'

 Well, now I have a workaround for that problem too (irrecord expected
a leading space while at least this mceusb device started reporting
with the first pulse), see files/patch-daemons::hw_default.c in the
patched lirc port:

 To test webcamd svn build it like described on Hans' page,

but apply my patch,

before starting the make.  If you want to test an mceusb ir device
you may need to pass its bus.addr to the newly built webcamd

	webcamd -d 4.2

 If you then get a /dev/lircX device you can pass it with -d to mode2
built from the updated lirc port:

	mode2 -d /dev/lirc0

and check if it reports pulses and spaces when triggering a remote
at the receiver.  If it does you can see if there's a config for
you remote at the lirc archive (this is for mceusb etc, the
emulated rc5 I patched into webcamd for dvb tuner remotes won't be
on there:)

 If not you can try generating one using irrecord:

	irrecord -d /dev/lirc0 lircd-test.conf

and following the messages it prints, if that worked copy the file
to /usr/local/etc/lircd.conf, start lircd:

	service lircd onestart

and run


in a shell and check if it correctly reports buttons pressed on your
remote.  When that works you can start vdr (or whatever you use)
pointed at lirc and assign the buttons on the remote.

 The (updated) Call for testing posting for vdr is here:

and more links are here:

 Enjoy, :)

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