CFT: mplayer and mencoder updates

Thomas Zander thomas.e.zander at
Sat Dec 31 02:08:05 UTC 2011

And here we go again.

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 20:44, Thomas Zander
<thomas.e.zander at> wrote:

> Regarding the dependency on gcc46. I'll make some tests whether to
> keep supporting builds with the base system gcc for those who don't
> wish to install gcc from ports is doable.

- Introduce OPTION variable OTCHAIN defaulting to on. Sets
USE_GCC?=4.6 and depends on recent binutils so that all optimisations
can be used. clang-friends can tweak that to their desire. If this
switch is turned off, the Makefile assumes the base system gcc should
be used and applies extra-patch-base_system_gcc to allow build (minus
a few optimisations).

- It's late. I have tested this with some content on amd64 and i386 on
8/stable but YMMV. Please test and report problems.

Best regards

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