CFT: mplayer and mencoder updates

Zhihao Yuan lichray at
Fri Dec 30 17:19:41 UTC 2011

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 3:27 AM, Jan Beich <jbeich at> wrote:
> Zhihao Yuan <lichray at> writes:
>>> Zhihao Yuan <lichray at> writes:
>>>> On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 6:07 PM, Thomas Zander
>>>> <thomas.e.zander at> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> thank you all for your comments on the first iteration of the ports.
>>>>> A heavily revised version can be found on
>>>>> Changes:
>>> [...]
>>>>> - use newer gcc and binutils thus enabling significant speed-ups (and
>>>>> also, since most mplayer and ffmpeg development is done on newer gcc
>>>>> and binutils than we have in the base system, it's slowly getting
>>>>> tedious to ensure compatibility with older toolchain)
>>> So, with the new toolchain --disable-ssse3 is dropped but why
>>> BROKEN_RELOCATIONS is still there?
>>>> GJ. Tested with clang, no problem either.
>>> Even though the port now explicitly uses gcc, ignoring CC from make.conf
>>> or Makefile.local ? And on clang with -integrated-as being default gnu as
>>> is not used, e.g. try to remove /usr/bin/as, it'd still build fine.
>> It's not ignoring CC. It sets USE_GCC=, which can be overwrite by make CC=clang.
> Have you actually tried ? It's a known blind spot for clang -exp runs.
>  $ echo CC=clang >Makefile.local
>  $ make -V CC
>  gcc46

To specify a var in command has different effect. You can  try it,
make CC=clang in mplayer dir.

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