CFT: mplayer and mencoder updates

Thomas Zander thomas.e.zander at
Fri Dec 30 00:08:01 UTC 2011


thank you all for your comments on the first iteration of the ports.
A heavily revised version can be found on

- reduce the number of explicit --enable-<feature> where it seemed
reasonable, hence deviate less from the intention of the configure
- remove patching and reinplacing homegrown tweaks whenever possible,
hence deviate less from the intention of the configure script
- fix the reported pthread issue
- always use internal libass
- adopt patches to support 24 bit OSS output and keep volume during seek
- use newer gcc and binutils thus enabling significant speed-ups (and
also, since most mplayer and ffmpeg development is done on newer gcc
and binutils than we have in the base system, it's slowly getting
tedious to ensure compatibility with older toolchain)

- bluray does not work right now -> keep it/turn it off in OPTIONS for now

I hope the refactoring (removing mostly) of the tweaks to the
configure and build environment does not impose noticeable changes for
most users, but we may encounter difficulties in some configurations I
couldn't check.
Please give it a try!

As always, comments, suggestions and especially patches are more than welcome.

Best regards

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