mplayer problem (glitches) with H.264 HD videos

Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Apr 28 13:35:50 UTC 2011


I've got a strange problem with mplayer that's difficult to
debug.  I'm not sure if it's FreeBSD-specific, but I think
it is, because otherwise someone else would have noticed it,
too, but Google doesn't find anything.  Unfortunately I
don't have a sufficiently powerful Linux machine to check.

The problem only seems to occur when playing full-HD video
(1080p) encoded with H.264/MPEG-4 AVC "High Profile", for
example the *.m2ts files from an AVCHD structure.  At certain
locations in the video there's a small glitch, as if there
was a bit error in the MPEG data stream.  It's reproducible,
i.e. it always happens at exactly the same locations.  But
there is no bit error.  The same file can be played without
any problems with ffplay, vlc and avidemux under FreeBSD,
and also with VLC and some other player (I think it's Power-
DVD) under Windows.  Also, my hardware player (ASUS Oplay)
plays it fine.  Only mplayer is affected by the problem.

When the glitch occurs, the following line is printed:

   [h264 @ 0x884f3a0]concealing 0 DC, 0 AC, 0 MV errors

Sometimes -- but not always -- followed by these:

   [h264 @ 0x884f3a0]mmco: unref short failure
   [h264 @ 0x884f3a0]number of reference frames exceeds max (probably corrupt input)

I'm pretty sure that the input file is not corrupt because
all other players I've tried play the video fine and don't
print any error messages.  It must be a bug in mplayer's
version of the x264 or libav libraries, or maybe something
in the FreeBSD port's patches.

The problem is not driver-related.  The same messages are
printed when I run mplayer without video output, i.e.
"-vo null -ao null -nosound -benchmark".

Can anybody reproduce this?

I'm using a fairly recent 8-stable (i386) and the most
recent port of mplayer (1.0.r20110329).  The previous
version of mplayer (1.0.r20101106) had exactly the same
problem.  I think this problem exists for a long time

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