Linuxolator v4l2/dvb patches (like for webcamd + skype...)

Andriy Gapon avg at
Thu Apr 21 07:07:41 UTC 2011

on 20/04/2011 22:23 Juergen Lock said the following:
> Ok so I finally got around to testing this myself, using your updated
> audio/linux-f10-pulseaudio-libs port from
> and found two things:
> a) I still needed the symlink you mentioned ~/.pulse/${hostname}:runtime
>    - was this what the patch was supposed to fix?

Hmm.  I see that the new src rpm has the patch, but it doesn't look like it got
actually applied in the rpm:
$ strings /compat/linux/usr/lib/| fgrep runtime

My testing was sloppy because as it turns out I hadn't removed the symlink
before it.

Alexander,  can you please take a look at this?
Looks like %patch3 is missing in %prep section, but I am not sure if that is
actually required.

> b) You said earlier that pulseaudio's mmap support for recording is
>    broken, I found that too and found this workaround:  Instead of
>    changing /usr/local/etc/pulse/client.conf I changed
>    /usr/local/etc/pulse/ - I commented out the line:
> 	load-module module-detect
>   and added two lines:
> 	load-module module-oss device="/dev/dsp4" source_name=input mmap=0
> 	load-module module-oss device="/dev/dsp0" sink_name=output
>   (dsp4 is the webcam's mic in this case.)

BTW, you can also override these settings per user, in ~/.pulse/.

Andriy Gapon

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