Headless box with PVR-250 - ideas needed

dieterbsd at engineer.com dieterbsd at engineer.com
Thu Apr 21 00:33:57 UTC 2011

> So I did my homework, at least I thought I did. I read the Wiki which
> tells us PVR-x50 works with MythTV. I bought a PVR-250 for this very
> purpose, to work with MythTV backend. I crawled in dusty attic
> installing cables. I hacked the drivers to make them work with my 
> All this was in vain, MythTV does not work with this card.
> Now I need some ideas, how could I at least watch TV in my desktop
> using that card in headless box, buried in the closet?

Divide problem into recording and playback.  Have you found something
that will talk to your tuner card and set the channel and record to a
file on disk?  Once you have that you can schedule recordings with
at(1). Cron(1) can schedule regular every day/week shows.

For playback on a headful computer, there is mplayer and similar.
I assume both machines are on an Ethernet network.

For playback on a TV, there are Ethernet-to-TV boxes.
Some recent TVs have Ethernet and do DLNA.
If you want things like seek/fast-forward/freeze-frame/etc.
do your homework, word is that many (perhaps all?) of these
things fail badly on anything except plain playback.  I
have yet to read about one that does these things well.
(If anyone knows of one, please let us know.)

Some camcorders can do firewire-to-TV, and there are boxes that
do firewire-to-TV.

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