webcamd regression 0.1.20->0.1.23: recv bulk message failed: -32

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at
Wed Apr 20 21:31:00 UTC 2011

On 04/18/2011 10:09, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On Sunday 17 April 2011 22:31:29 Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
>> With webcamd-0.1.20_1, I could tune into a channel and watch TV almost
>> every time using my 'WideView WT-220U PenType Receiver
>> (Typhoon/Freecom)'. With webcamd-0.1.23, Kaffeine almost always hangs
>> and Typhony ( ) hangs switching channels.
>> I did debug builds from both versions. The output is identical until all
>> the devices are created, but after that, 0.1.23 prints about once a
>> second: 'dvb-usb: recv bulk message failed: -32'
>> The complete debug output is below in case it is interesting. The device
>> has already had the firmware loaded (as it does not make a difference
>> with which version of webcamd that is done).
>> This is all on 8.2-RELEASE/amd64 with all other ports up to date
>> (including cuse4bsd-kmod-0.1.14).
>> Anything else, I should test?
>> Thanks,
>> Jan Henrik
> There was a kernel bugfix which might fix this issue. Could you cvs or svn up
> to 8-stable?

Currently, I do not plan to change away from release. Maybe I will find 
some time later to set up some testing environment.

Do you know which commit brought the bugfix? If I have to rebuild just a 
few modules or something, it would be easier to go back to release after 

I have tested your webcamd-0.1.24 patch. I had to apply some of it 
manually as patch tried to change /usr/ports/Makefile instead of 
/usr/ports/multimedia/webcamd/Makefile. Unfortunately, 0.1.24 does not 
fix my issue.

Jan Henrik

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