kern/152622: [pcm] uaudio recording problem

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Sat Apr 16 22:26:47 UTC 2011


According to <>, there is a
workaround, which is working for olli@ with two webcams and also for

- firstly, you have to launch webcamd

I do that automatically by adding the following lines in my

attach 100 {
	match "vendor" "0x046d";
	match "product" "0x0825";
	action "/usr/local/sbin/webcamd -d ugen4.3 -i 0 -v 0";

(replace "0x0825" and ugen4.3 according to dmesg)

- then you have to open the camera device (/dev/video0) by an
application (e.g. pwcview)

- then run the following command:
# usbconfig -d ugenX.Y do_request 0x22 0x01 0x100 0x86 0x03 0x80 0xBB 0x00

Replace "ugenX.Y" with your device, according to the output from dmesg.

That's all!

Th. Thomas.

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