webcamd-0.1.23 does not start via rc.d

Matthias Apitz guru at
Thu Apr 14 10:46:19 UTC 2011

El día Thursday, April 14, 2011 a las 11:40:29AM +0200, Hans Petter Selasky escribió:

> > which let me think that there is something wrong with the script
> > /usr/local/etc/rc.d/webcamd;
> > 
> > vm-9Current# usbconfig
> > ugen0.1: <UHCI root HUB Intel> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps)
> > pwr=SAVE ugen1.1: <EHCI root HUB 0x15ad> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH
> > (480Mbps) pwr=SAVE ugen0.3: <VMware Virtual USB Hub vendor 0x0e0f> at
> > usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=SAVE ugen0.2: <product 0x0329
> > vendor 0x0471> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON
> > 
> Hi,
> Your device should be detected by the rules in:
> /usr/local/etc/devd/webcamd.conf

Now I understand what the problem is: the webcamd is NOT supposed to
start at boot time (as the man page says: "... To start webcamd
automatically at system startup, place the following line in
rc.conf(5)...", please correct this), but should start as a devd(8)
hook; I will debug devd(8) to see why it does not come up;

> Are you using 8-stable?

No. 9-CURRENT r214444: Thu Oct 28 10:56:32 CEST 2010



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