FreeBSD' Webcam and DVB Compatibility List

Juergen Lock nox at
Sat Apr 2 15:02:00 UTC 2011

In article <20110331112119.GA21328 at> you write:
>We have started a small documentation project in the FreeBSD Wiki: The
>FreeBSD' Webcam and DVB Compatibility List.
>    The main goal of this page is to give an exact answer about which
>    application works with a given cam or DVB. Combinations of the hardware
>    and software mentioned below in the table are known to work. 
>    Please add more lines to the table or ask me to do so by just sending a
>    mail with your Cam/DVB information. Please note: you should only add
>    information you have seen working and not you may think of or imagine
>    that they could work. The contact information (name and/or email addr)
>    is optional. 
>If you want me to add your webcam or DVB, please send me a structured
>ASCII line of the following format:
>Cam or DVB type (USB, build-in);Manufactor;Product Name;VendorID:ProductID (hex);Driver or kernel module;V4L/V4L2;min. tested OS version(s);Supported application(s);Additional comments;Contact
>-- use ';' as separator of the fields
>-- fill out all fields (if you don't know the value use 'unknown')
>-- also use 'unknown' for the field Contact if you don't want your name or mail in the row
>-- you may send it as one line (as shown above) or wraped lines after any ';'
>Please use the above format and no HTML (HTML will be silently ignored).
>As well, please send it to me and not to the list.
>Any hints, comments or questions are welcomed, of course.

 I have added a few dvb tuners that I tested, and I have also added
a Remote Control section and added my mceusb device that I tested
with lirc, vdr, and xbmc.  Hope that's okay... :)


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