laptop Acer Aspire One D250 / snd_hda(4) && internal mic not recording

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Sat Nov 6 07:21:00 UTC 2010

El día Friday, November 05, 2010 a las 10:59:02PM +0200, App Deb escribió:

> On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 7:59 PM, Matthias Apitz <guru at> wrote:
> > Concerning the man page, without any kind of background or glossary
> > I can not understand, for example, the options for 'hint.hdac.%d.config'
> > or the meaning of 'colores'.
> Looking at your log for your 2 mics (internal and jack):
> ...
> hdac0:  nid 18 0x99a30930 as  3 seq  0           Mic Fixed jack  3 loc
> 25 color Unknown misc 9
> ...
> hdac0:  nid 24 0x03a19820 as  2 seq  0           Mic  Jack jack  1 loc
>  3 color    Pink misc 8
> ...
> You can see that the 2 microphones are in different associations (2
> and 3) so in different devices (default dsp0 and dsp1).

Yes, I see;

> So you should use something like that in your /boot/loader.conf to
> group them together in the same association #2 (default dsp0).
> hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid18.config="as=2 seq=1"
> You could try that (,reboot) and see if it works. After that you
> should use "mixer" to toggle/control mics etc.

I tried the above already (following a hint) and as well

hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid18.config="as=2 seq=0"
hint.hdac.0.cad0.nid24.config="as=2 seq=1"

in device.hints(4); the result is, that /dev/dsp1 disappears, as well
/dev/mixer1; and in /dev/mixer0 there is another recording source

# mixer
Mixer vol      is currently set to  93:93
Mixer pcm      is currently set to  88:88
Mixer mic      is currently set to  70:70
Mixer mix      is currently set to  81:81
Mixer rec      is currently set to  70:70
Mixer igain    is currently set to  78:78
Mixer ogain    is currently set to  65:65
Mixer monitor  is currently set to  74:74
Recording source: mix, monitor

but the internal mic does not record (even if jack is unpluged), only
jack records (if pluged, of course);

if I set

# mixer =rec monitor
Recording source: monitor

the jack as well stops recording;

> The manpage doesn't say how sequence numbers work in "input" (so that
> a connected jack mic can mute the internal one). So you could also
> experiment with sequence numbers "15" or "0" in nid18 or nid24 to see
> if you can get it perfectly working.

will try now sequence number "15"...

> Also, if skype (or any other program) allows you to select different
> DSP device "just for input", you could select "dsp1" instead of
> standard "dsp" and your internal mic should work without the above
> stuff. (Of course after you have configured it correctly with "mixer
> -f /dev/mixer1").
> Hope it helps.

Thanks for your help


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