replacing audio/libmpcdec by audio/musepack

Stefan Ehmann shoesoft at
Sun May 30 06:02:38 UTC 2010

On Saturday 29 May 2010 21:48:12 Alexey Shuvaev wrote:
> Not that I am using either of them but... libmpcdec is a stand-alone
> library while musepack depends on audio/esound. Is this dependency
> non-avoidable?

Fortunately, the latest version doesn't depend on esound any longer. It 
installs some additional binaries, but I don't think that's a big issue.

But your comment gave me a different idea that might be worthwile. If both 
ports are kept (i.e., libmpcdec containing the updated library, musepack just 
the tools), the upgrade path would be easier. Ports could be upgraded without 
manual intervention.

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