CFT: MythTV 0.23

Bernhard Froehlich decke at
Wed May 19 08:21:17 UTC 2010

Hi multimedia@!

This is the final call for testers for MythTV 0.23. There have happened a
lot of interesting things in the last months so I decided to send out a
final call for testers to get some more feedback. Please test it if you
have the chance to do so or at least compile it and see if it fails.
has always been a bit problematic when various other ports are installed
the system (ffmpeg, Qt3, ...).

The most important new feature is that V4L support is now enabled so that
you can use mythtv together with multimedia/webcamd which supports a lot
USB DVB-S/S2/T/C hardware. I've successfully tested it with a Pinnacle
PCTV Sat Pro USB 450e device and watched DVB-S live tv (see screenshots).

There are now also two new ports mythplugin-mythvideo and
mythplugin-mythmusic which give you the possibility to use mythtv as a
Media Center also if you don't have a supported DVB card. You can import
your movies and music in mythtv and play it from there. They are really
useful and I have to thank Andriy Bakay for the preliminary work on this

Changelog for MythTV 0.23:

Changes in the FreeBSD MythTV ports:
- Update to 0.23
- V4L support enabled for webcamd (works fine with DVB-S2 USB hardware)
- VDPAU enabled
- mythweb port renamed to mythplugin-mythweb
- New ports: mythplugin-mythmusic, mythplugin-mythvideo [1]

Thanks to: Andriy Bakay <andriy AT> [1]


FreeBSD ports:

If everything works fine I plan to commit it within the next two weeks.
Good luck and have fun with it :o)

Bernhard Froehlich

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