Failed opal3 build

Robert Kopp iconoklastic at
Wed May 5 05:42:20 UTC 2010

Yesterday there was another commit of Ekiga3, which I was trying to build (on 8-STABLE, i386). One of its dependencies is opal, whose build failed as follows:
Stop in /usr/ports/net/opal3.xw4400# grep SAFE_ZRTP Makefile.if !defined(SAFE_ZRTP)IGNORE=	please build devel/libzrtpcpp WITHOUT ports SSL and re-run build with SAFE_ZRTP set
I was able to build libzrtpcpp. Although the above statement is not quite clear, it seems to indicate that SAFE_ZRTP should be set in Opal's options, though there is apparently no other reference to it. (In other words, there is no explanation as to how to do it. That is what I am hoping someone will provide.)

Robert "Tim" Kopp  

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