Call for Testers: MythTV 0.23 for FreeBSD

Bernhard Froehlich decke at
Wed Mar 31 19:08:48 UTC 2010

Hi multimedia,

The MythTV developers have shortened their release cycles and are already
preparing for their 0.23 release. So this is a good time to test all the
new things and give some feedback of how it works for you.

There are now also two new ports mythplugin-mythvideo and
mythplugin-mythmusic which give you the possibility to use mythtv as a
real Media Center also if you don't have a supported DVB card (like me).
You can import your movies and music in mythtv and play it from there.
They are really useful and I have to thank Andriy Bakay for the
preliminary work on this plugins!

Changelog for MythTV 0.23:

Screenshots with the new Arclight Theme (from mythtv-themes):

Changes in the FreeBSD ports:

mythtv, mythtv-frontend:
- Update to 0.23 RC1
- VDPAU enabled
- Fix build on CURRENT after r203862 [1]

mythtv-themes, mythweb:
- Update to 0.23 RC1
- mythweb port renamed to mythplugin-mythweb

mythplugin-mythmusic, mythplugin-mythvideo:
- New Port for 0.23 RC1 [2]

Reported by: pointyhat via erwin [1]
Thanks to: Andriy Bakay <andriy AT> [2]

FreeBSD ports:

I also plan to enable vdpau support before I commit the 0.23 ports
but it is currently not enabled because it breaks compile and I
did not have time to fix it yet.

Good luck and have fun with it :o)

Bernhard Fröhlich

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