Linux USB DVB-T driver on FreeBSD

Tim Borgeaud tim at
Sat Mar 6 15:19:14 UTC 2010

Some time ago I was playing around with compiling V4L (Linux) DVB drivers 
using a layer of compatibility code derived from Luigi Rizzo's 
linux-kmod-compat port and Hans Petter Selasky's USB stack (in FreeBSD 8)

This was initially performed on FreeBSD 7 and FreeBSD 8 (current). I had 
some success getting a driver to work for a dib0700 based USB DVB-T stick 
(Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-TD-Stick) and talked about my exploits at EuroBSDCon 

I've finally got around to making some modifications for FreeBSD 8 
(release/stable) and a few further adjustments to allow some additional 
driver source to be compiled (whether this works is totally unknown).

I'm hoping that this project is now largely redundant due to the advent of 
Hans Petter Selasky's video4bsd and cuse4bsd projects:

There are some very good reasons why the userland drivers are to be 
preferred, and, since I haven't mananaged to get my USB stick to work with 
webcamd yet, this is what I will try to get up and running next.

However, my kernel driver does appear to work (although experimental in 
nature) and the approach in general may be of some interest outside of USB 

Therefore, some basic details and source can be found at:

Tim Borgeaud

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