Ethernet to TV box for FreeBSD?

dieterbsd at dieterbsd at
Wed Jun 9 16:55:11 UTC 2010

I'm seeking recommendations for one of those boxes that reads
video from Ethernet, decompresses it and feeds it to a TV.

Must have:

        wired Ethernet in
        s-video NTSC out
        audio line out (typically via "RCA jacks")
        works with FreeBSD
        handles mpeg2 transport streams 480i, 720p 1080i
        good "tricks" modes
                fast forward
                slow motion, various speeds, both directions
                freeze frame
                advance 1 frame at a time, both directions
        closed captions
        zoom in/out (handle 4:3 pillarboxed within 16:9, ...)

Bonus points for:

        time counter
        frame grabber (save a .png or whatever as a file)
        digital out (dvi, hdmi, displayport, ...)
        free/open source
        X11 server

Some boxes fail with higher bitrate programs, don't handle the
so-called "tricks" modes well, have unreliable hardware, ...

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