`MSI DIGIVOX Duo' dual dvb-t tuner now working with webcamd svn

Juergen Lock nox at jelal.kn-bremen.de
Sun Jul 11 22:43:26 UTC 2010

(..and vdr too, including together with a dvb-s2 one.)

 I got the first tuner of this device working already by just
enabling two drivers in webcamd's Makefile, and now hps updated
webcamd to also allow using the second tuner.  The only problems
are one crash that I was unable to reproduce, and a second dvb
device used with webcamd now will end up as /dev/dvb/adapter8 instead
of 1 since a single device may have more than one tuner.  So if you
want to e.g. use two devices with vdr like one dvb-s and one dvb-t
you'll have to symlink adapter8 to /dev/dvb/adapter1, or 2 if your
first device has two tuners.

 Enjoy, :)

PS:  And this one was around 40 eur so not really more expensive than
the single tuner Freecom device that was recommended earlier, and
unlike some other dual dvb-t tuners this one has a single rf input
which is good if you want to use a `real' antenna...  (Which I'd
probably need to get a really useful signal here so atm for me this
tuner is only good for testing.)

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