for those that want to try vdr on FreeBSD... (dvb with webcamd)

Juergen Lock nox at
Sun Jul 11 17:22:53 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 06:46:31PM +0200, I wrote:

> PS: I also made two patches that are not in the shar because they
> currently are pretty hacky and also hardcode the changed behaviour:
> - Make infosatepg prefer BR-alpha over BR-alpha* (channel has moved),
>   ORF2E over ORF2 (the former is FTA), and FTA HDTV versions of
>   channels when selecting the channel to merge epg data to (so it
>   will currently find the HD versions of arte, Das Erste, and ZDF.)
>   That way shows will be marked HDTV in the epg of those channels
>   where they actually are HD. :)
>   The patch can go in the multimedia/vdr-plugin-infosatepg/files
>   dir, and you can selectively disable parts of it by changing
>   "#if 1"s to "#if 0".
> - And something completely different:  make vdr timers also record
>   teletext; this came up on irc too and is mostly useful for subtitles
>   transmitted that way - the osdteletext plugin doesnt seem to
>   display them on playback but you can point e.g. vlc at the recorded
>   .ts file below /video and click on the teletext icon in the bottom
>   left - or use projectx to process subtitles including turning
>   them into .sub files or just remux the .ts to make projectx add
>   subtitle pagenumbers and correct(?) the teletext language because
>   neither that nor the pmt pid are currently in the channels.conf
>   so the patch just `guesses' by simply using the language of the
>   first audio track.  vlc at least doesn't seem to care much tho,
>   it still displayed TV Polonia's teletext the same even when forcing
>   the teletext language in the recorded pmt to german.  And fwiw,
>   osdteletext didn't want to display the teletext of neither
>   TV Polonia nor of the french versions of arte (maybe because of
>   different encoding?), and vlc pointed at TV Polonia via streamdev
>   got a wrong teletext start page.  (164 instead of 100, for some
>   reason dvbsnoop -pd 9 -s ts -tssubdecode -if ... didn't want to
>   decode the pmt of a streamdev recording from there...)
>   And that patch can go in the multimedia/vdrdevel/files dir.

Looks like I wasn't the first one to look at recording teletext,
there are even two more complete patches:


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