using gnash

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Mon Jan 25 19:53:35 UTC 2010

Frank Wißmann wrote:
> Chuck Robey schrieb:
>> Henry Hu wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Do you see the plugin in the about:plugins page?
>> No, never heard of it and can't find that page.  Would be thrilled to
>> get a URL.
> Type in the field where you normally enter your URL:
> about:plugins
> or
> about:config
> to get some results.

Fantastic.  I was getting to a rather high level of frustration on this, but
with the info available via the about:plugins, I finally figured out that I'd
had both the gnash plugin misinstalled AND an old Linux flash plugin still
hanging around and not working.  Fixed both, and when I gave it about 10 to 30
seconds to load, animations now work.  I haven't got the audio to work, but
(unless I hear from hint here) I'll continue to work on it.

Thanks for the response.

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