5.1-channel sound on 8-STABLE, snd_hda

Alexander Motin mav at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jan 23 21:15:08 UTC 2010


Mikle Krutov wrote:
> I've got MSI mb 760GTM-P33 with ATI hd audio chip (pciconf shows '
> device     = 'IXP SB600 High Definition Audio Controller'').
> 5.1 sound worked on 8.0-RELEASE (sound was on every channel, but i
> could not change vol per-channel, only globally), and after updating
> to -STABLE - i've got only 2 channels working.
> Any ideas about that?

Previously you had 2 channels of stereo playback duplicated to every
channel pair of your 5.1 system. Now real multichannel support added to
snd_hda, so all excessive duplication was removed.

Now you should just configure vchans for your speakers setup by setting
dev.pcm.X.play.vchanformat sysctls and you will get _real_ multichannel

Alexander Motin

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