using gnash

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sat Jan 23 20:34:07 UTC 2010

Henry Hu wrote:
> Hi,
> Do you see the plugin in the about:plugins page?

No, never heard of it and can't find that page.  Would be thrilled to get a URL.

> As I see from the pkg-plist, the gnash port installs the plugin into
> certain place. You may try to create a symbol link of the plugin file
> in the ~/.mozilla/plugins/  directory.
>> If either are true, what will get gnash working for me on FreeBSD-current?  Oh,
>> yes, I saw that there was a gnash-devel port, I didn't use that one, should I have?
>> Or, maybe it's something simple like rebuilding firefox?

Sorry for writing again, but I've now spent a lot of time Googling this, and
also searching the FreeBSD mailing lists.  I can find complaints
 about gnash, but I also see a couple of mails telling that gnash works well for
them.  Trouble is, they just say "install it", but give no details.  Above, you
say that I might symlink the plugin, but I haven't the least idea which of the
many files in the pkg-plist *IS* the plugin, none are so obviously named.
Otherwise, I'd be happy to do that.  I *did* find a plugins dir inside my
~/.mozilla dir, so if I only could find out what the name of the plugin might
be, that would help.

Howcome it is that the port hasn't got one even general word of description on
installing, if it won't take on the install task itself.  I interpret install as
getting it to the point that it works, not just putting it someplace.  Don't
tell me it couldn't be done, there *could* be an option to configure several
browsers to work, say with a negative default.

If there's a squib on this someplace, and you give me a URL, I'd be happy to
read it, but I'm just not a browser internals expert.  I'm not even sure, is the
stuff from (for example) youtube a *.flv file?  I saw an oblique reference to
that once.  I found a file in the .mozilla/defaults dir which was mimeTypes.rdf,
but it had a complicated format which I can't figure out well enough to
synthesize an entry for a .flv file (if that might be correct).

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