[FreeBSD 8/9] USB webcamd and video4bsd: Call for testing

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at c2i.net
Wed Jan 20 17:58:00 UTC 2010


On Tuesday 19 January 2010 18:33:14 Henry Hu wrote:
> There are some problems, however. First, when I start pwcview with an
> unsupported mode, the content of the window is green, and I cannot
> kill the process. Only after terminating webcamd can I terminate the
> process.

I know what the problem is, and I will try to fix it in the next release of 

> Second, I cannot restart pwcview without restarting webcamd. At the
> second time I start pwcview with -s vga, the window is green, and I
> cannot kill it. The situation is similar to unsupported size.
> I've also tried applications such as pidgin, skype and mplayer.
> However no one successfully played from the webcam. I doubt it needs
> some extra work.

You need to recompile these applications after installing libv4l. I have vlc 
working with the new stuff.

> Thanks again for the great work! It never caused any kernel panic, and
> the programs are fairly stable.



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