native OSS_GETVERSION ioctl doesn't really work

Alexander Motin mav at
Tue Jan 12 11:25:56 UTC 2010

Juergen Lock wrote:
> While fixing qemu for the upcoming 0.12.1 (or .2) qemu-devel port
> I discovered that the OSS_GETVERSION ioctl added by r164613 in 2006,
> is only implemented for the mixer device (other than in the Linuxolator),
> and on top of that that code is never reached because OSS_GETVERSION
> is defined as an _IOR ('M', ...), which are all handled by an
> 	if ((cmd & MIXER_READ(0)) == MIXER_READ(0)) {
> 		...
> here,
> and so even if actually done on a mixer device the ioctl ends up failing
> with ENXIO.
>  JFY... :)
> 	Juergen
> PS: I guess I can try to make a patch, but only if its needed :)

Fixed it for mixer in HEAD. I see 4Front OSS also implements it for
sndstat and audio devices. Is it right, or it is some kind of bug or

Alexander Motin

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