[FreeBSD 8/9] USB webcamd and video4bsd: Call for testing

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at c2i.net
Mon Jan 11 14:10:08 UTC 2010

On Sunday 10 January 2010 18:40:17 Brandon Gooch wrote:
> Seems to work for just a second or two (I see my ugly mug on-screen),
> and then this:
> # ./pwcview/pwcview
> Webcam set to: 320x240 (sif) at 5 fps
> libv4lconvert: Error decompressing JPEG: fill_nbits error: need 8 more bits
> libv4l2: error converting / decoding frame data: v4l-convert: error
> parsing JPEG header: Not a JPG file ?

Hi again,

The JPEG library fix is here:


Try to "svn up" and build fresh sources. I've found and fixed some bugs.


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