Audible clicks with ICH4 AC'97

martinko gamato at
Tue Jan 5 23:37:40 UTC 2010

WATANABE Kazuhiro wrote:
> Hi.
> Can you hear any differences when you run the following commands (as
> root) ?
>   # sysctl dev.pcm.0.eapd=0
>   # sysctl dev.pcm.0.eapd=1


I'm afraid it did not help. :-(

Note that I listen to music using headphones if that matters.

And it sounds like static or as if you were listening to vinyls.  It's 
especially annoying during quiet parts of music.  And the same files 
played in Windows on the same laptop are without any issues.

Maybe it has something to do with my original issue Ariff helped me to 
solve back in 2005 ? -- My speakers did not produce any sound and I've 
found in a Linux forum how to enable them and Ariff prepared a quirk.




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