XMMS2 sound system (OSS, ALSA...etc) for FreeBSD

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at netscape.net
Mon Jan 4 10:25:56 UTC 2010

Hi all,

just wondering what the sound system is for FreeBSD as I'm trying to get 
XMMS2 to work but running into some issues:

$ xmms2d
INFO: ../src/xmms/log.c:49: Initialized logging system :)
20:24:47  INFO: ../src/xmms/ipc.c:795: IPC listening on 
20:24:47  INFO: ../src/xmms/main.c:517: Using output plugin: wave
20:24:47 ERROR: ../src/xmms/main.c:521: Baaaaad output plugin, try to 
change theoutput.plugin config variable to something usefull
20:24:47 ERROR: ../src/xmms/output.c:981: initalized output without a 
plugin, please fix!
Starting XMMS2 phone home agent...
Starting XMMS2 mDNS Agent...
Failed to create Avahi client: Daemon not running
Assertion failed: (client), function avahi_client_free, file client.c, 
line 613.

Is there any documentation on how to set Xmms2 up in FreeBSD or any 
howto's or Blogs that anyone's created???

I searched high and dry on Google but found nothing :-(

Can anyone help me?

Many thanks



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