FreeBSD support for modern TV tuners?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at
Sat Dec 25 16:37:42 UTC 2010

Thanks for the response! :-)

See below:

On 12/25/2010 10:39 AM, grarpamp wrote:
> Hope no one minds the slight change of subject line
> as it really comes down to drivers. Then you can plop
> MythTV, etc on top.
> If you know of more support / work on HD, please add it :)
> All the current Hauppauge US boards are here. No idea about
> PAL, other than some chips include that as a bonus.
> No idea about other manufacturers.
> Here's the only FreeBSD CX88 drivers/projects I've found:
> I've not yet found anyone in FreeBSD land working on the
> HVR-2250 / SAA7164 / NXP NGene:
> There's this guy under Linux, don't know about FreeBSD for it:
> HD-5500
> Here's some Linux drivers/projects to contact/port if need be:
> Some related FreeBSD items:
> Fritz Katz, frtzkatz at yahoo
> Lastly, would a HVR-2250 as bounty help?

If the card is supported under FreeBSD then I would be much inclined to 
go for it!

I mean does it have FM radio and DAB capabilities too??

I checked the site for it:

It says it's got FM tuner but DAB?? Is that streamed over DVB-T?? As in 
for North America ATSC or UK would be FreeView?

>> talking about 12-16TB once I convert from DVD and CD.
> Yes, ZFS. If it's in budget, try to duplicate it on another box at
> a friends house. Losing all that effort to one human/software error
> sucks. Even a crappy powered down raidz1 in a hole would do.
> For me, I need ATSC first, then ripping of YC/Composite + LR audio
> from legacy (LaserDisc) sources at>= DVD quality, then QAM.
> Are Hauppauge's build in MPEG2 encoders (+LR audio) of enough quality
> and bitrate to equal DVD (and CD-DA)?
> Would also like to play with ripping the full bandwidth raw ATSC-TS
> from the air and transcoding that if the MPEG2 wasn't good.

I was planning my own backup server at home since I'm going to be 
creating a little server farm.

Was going to go for using an industrial board computer with dual Xeons 
for this task and linking it to an Enhance Technology R4MS JBOD:

System Board:


which I can increment at any time using an LSI HBA 8 port Mini-SAS host 
bus adapter card.

For primary storage and multimedia this box would be the one.

The backup would be similar just without the same power as won't have so 
many extra services running on it!!


try to duplicate it on another box at
a friends house.



It would be cool if more people in the country I lived in new about 
ZFS!!! Actually as it's primarily a Windows only base no one would run 
any UNIX system at home as they aren't very interested in it. Believe me 
I've tried!! I even created an OpenSolaris User Group out here which 
went belly-up after even my friends deserted me on the topic since they 
had no time for it and no money to buy equipment or the understanding as 
they did with MS.......

Saaaad but true if not completely off topic. :-P




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