MythTV on FreeBSD support for modern TV tuners?

Kaya Saman kayasaman at
Fri Dec 24 14:28:26 UTC 2010


I'm planning a project where I will create a multimedia server.

The basic plan is to have multiple tuners for DVB-T, DVB-S, UHF/VHF, 
DAB, and FM radio.

Currently the region I live in only supports analog TV in Pal-II or 
Pal-B standard and analog radio.

My thought was to run MythTV server on the system and not only allow for 
broadcasting over local network to HTPC's running at home but also use 
ZFS for a large storage solution for PVR and other video/music files. 
We're currently talking about 12-16TB once I convert from DVD and CD.

Basically what I was wondering is the support for modern hardware. I 
know Hauppauge cards are pretty good and offer dual and/or quad tuner 
support and are PCI-E based.

Would my project be feasible or would I need to look at Linux for the 
Server backend and create a separate storage server?

Would be awsome if the support was readily available on FreeBSD......

Has anyone got any experience with this?

Many thanks.


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