Call for Testers: XBMC 10.0

Andriy Gapon avg at
Sat Dec 11 20:02:54 UTC 2010

on 08/12/2010 20:21 Bernhard Froehlich said the following:
> Hi multimedia@ guys!
> Thanks to the fantastic work of Mickael Maillot we have a small
> Christmas present for you! A new XBMC port is ready for wider testing.
> Please give it a try and report success and eventual errors!
> We have cooperated to fix remaining build errors and bring the port
> into a good shape for the ports tree. The only serious issue that i
> currently know of is that the port does not build on FreeBSD 7.x but
> that will be fixed before I commit the port which is planned for late
> December.
> XBMC Media Center (formerly named "XBox Media Center")
> is a free and open source cross-platform media-player
> and entertainment hub.
> WWW:
> Screenshots:
> XBMC Port:

Thanks a lot for this great job!
Couple of questions:
1. Is this port i386-only? Specifically, there seem to be problems compiling it
on amd64 - some .Asm files get compiled into i386 code.
2. There also seem to be problems compiling with gcc44+ from ports.  Not too
drastic ones though - I'll send in couple of patches for this later.

Andriy Gapon

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