Webcamd v0.1.17 ready for testing

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at
Fri Dec 10 22:21:20 UTC 2010


Please find attached a patch which upgrades the webcamd port to version 

List of changes:

- Added man-pages for all drivers including webcamd itself. Big thanks to Dru 

- Fixed deadlock/hang issue with hald during plug of USB device after boot.

- Added patch from Luigi Rizzo to use "checkyesno" in webcamd rc startup file 
to detect presence of hald.

- Upgraded drivers to latest version from the respective V4L repositories

- Added new debug option to the port config system.

- Added License keyword.

Please test and report any issues!

NOTE: Have not test built on i386 yet. Only amd64.

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