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Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sun Apr 18 03:26:19 UTC 2010

Henry Hu wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 11:13 AM, Chuck Robey <chuckr at> wrote:
>> My ability to play the youtube videos has died ... I was admittedly away from my
>> computer for 3 months (hospitalization + physical therapy), but when I got back,
>> gnash stopped working for me on youtube, it keeps on telling me to upgrade.  I
>> made sure I had the latest gnash installed into my firefox so I'm kinda at a
>> loss to explain this (why the gnash port won't do that for me, and won't even
>> offer a readme to help is quite beyond me).  The default place for the port to
>> install itself should be the place that works for other FreeBSD ports browsers.
> You may try the linux flash plugin:
> www/linux-f10-flashplugin10 Adobe Flash Player NPAPI Plugin
> It works fairly well now, generally no lockups, with sound, and good font...
>> But you know what REALLY frosted me?  I went to google to see if maybe this had
>> been chewed over and fixed (I'm running FreeBSD-current, BTW), and I saw several
>> videos whose title seemed to be promising, but where where they?  Huh, they were
>> on youtube.  Geeze, if you can view those videos, you don't need the help, and
>> if you do need the help, you're basically fucked.  Anyone remember a book
>> "Catch-22"?

Thanks, Henry, I'll admit to a bit of snobbery, I really like to use FreeBSD
native software if it's possible, and 3 months ago, I was really happy that
gnash had worked for me, but I suppose something has turned the corner, so I'll
see about using your suggestion.  I think the methods for getting the Linux
stuff to work are documented in a huge number of spots, so I won't run into that
Catch-22 again.

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