playing youtube

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sun Apr 18 03:08:43 UTC 2010

My ability to play the youtube videos has died ... I was admittedly away from my
computer for 3 months (hospitalization + physical therapy), but when I got back,
gnash stopped working for me on youtube, it keeps on telling me to upgrade.  I
made sure I had the latest gnash installed into my firefox so I'm kinda at a
loss to explain this (why the gnash port won't do that for me, and won't even
offer a readme to help is quite beyond me).  The default place for the port to
install itself should be the place that works for other FreeBSD ports browsers.

But you know what REALLY frosted me?  I went to google to see if maybe this had
been chewed over and fixed (I'm running FreeBSD-current, BTW), and I saw several
videos whose title seemed to be promising, but where where they?  Huh, they were
on youtube.  Geeze, if you can view those videos, you don't need the help, and
if you do need the help, you're basically fucked.  Anyone remember a book

I needed to vent this.  Oh, and if anyone on there has the magic formula to get
youtube playing again, I'd appreciate a hint, but I'll continue to try to mine
the mailing lists, this MUST have irritated others.

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