Webcamd : Can it support dvb-s/dvb-s2 usb devices ?

Juergen Lock nox at
Mon Apr 12 21:55:57 UTC 2010

In article <201003311322.56988.hselasky at> you write:
>On Wednesday 31 March 2010 10:26:09 christophe LE ROUX wrote:
>> Hello,
>> As i can read on some web pages, webcamd can support webcam and dvb-t
>> devices who have a linux driver.
>> What about dvb-s (or dvbs2) usb devices ?
>Yes, many are supported, but some are not. Please see the main Makefile in 
>> i think about Tevii S650 ( or S660 ) with ds3000.c linux driver, Pinacle
>> PCTV 452e Sat HDTV Pro USB with pctv452e.c linux driver or Technotrend
>> Connect S2-3600 HDTV-S2 USB ( with pctv452e.c linux driver too ).
>> Another question,
>> If webcamd can support these usb devices, can i use mythtv port with ?
>I have not tried this yet. If mythtv uses the linux DVB header files, then 

 For the OP (and other readers:)  I haven't tried mythtv yet but after
some hacking and a longer debugging session on #bsdusb I got a PCTV 452e
Sat HDTV Pro USB working using szap-s2,

checked out from hg and built by:

	gmake INCLUDE=-I/usr/local/include

and the CFT mplayer port (looks like it still isn't committed),

pointed at the dvr0 device:

	mplayer -demuxer lavf -cache 8192 /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0

 kaffeine worked too but the version in ports doesn't yet know dvb-s2,
(and even on Linux where I have a newer kaffeine it still has audio
issues on the hd channels.)  vlc's builtin dvb support was useless with
this tuner (and caused us lots of useless debugging looking for a problem
in webcamd because vlc behaved like it got a corrupted stream...),
what does `work' is pointing vlc at /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 together
with szap-s2 like mplayer, but vlc used too much cpu on hd channels so
they weren't really watchable.  (unlike mplayer which played 1080i
just fine using ~85% of one core and only xv on xorg's radeon driver
on a PhenomII cpu...)

 About szap-s2:  I ran it similar to this:

	./szap-s2 -V -n 6 -p -t

and on some hd channels I need -b too or mplayer would get no audio.

 -t is a new option I just added to pass teletext thru (vlc can display
it, this needs -V because the teletext pid is only in the VDR channel.conf
format), that patch I put here:

 hps now has updated the webcamd svn to use only the pctv452e driver
out of the s2-liplianin repo that I originally used entirely in place
of the one (for some reason the pctv452e-related drivers
are still missing in upstream Linux) and I just tested that svn version

 I haven't tried building w_scan on FreeBSD yet

but hps said he only needed to fix include paths - you need it if you
don't have a channels.conf yet, I took mine from Linux with some
updates off the web.  kaffeine can scan too, but as I said this
version doesn't know dvb-s2, and also it uses its own channel list

 Oh and a poor man's way of recording is to use szap-s2 and then
cat /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 to a file...  (you probably can play it
with mplayer while it's still being written if you wait a little
at first if you want to find out when the show you want ends.)

 And finally a note about the Tevii s660 tuner:  That one was
what I tried first, but even after putting the second pci usb
controller in it only worked on Linux, on FreeBSD I only got this:
(after enabling printk and friends in webcamd)

	Invalid probe, probably not a DS3000

.and the pci usb controllers were because when I first tried
the Tevii on Linux it hung Linux' usb stack and of course wouldn't
work at all (causing even `lsusb' to get stuck until I unplugged the
tuner), and then I read on the web that people had success by putting
the Tevii on another usb controller - I still had a pci card lying
around so I tried that, which fixed the lsusb hangs and got dvb-s
channels working - but dvb-s2 channels still only got a corrupted
stream and FreeBSD got the above message.  Got another pci usb card,
that fixed dvb-s2 on Linux, but FreeBSD was still broken - and so I
got the pctv and checked out s2-liplianin...


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