libsndfile and libsamplerate

Erik de Castro Lopo erikd at
Mon Apr 12 01:35:02 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I am the maintainer of libsndfile and libsamplerate and server the
tarballs on my server. I've recently moved the server from a place
where I didn't care about the bandwidth to a place where I do.

Looking at my apache logs I find that 90% of my traffic is the
libsndfile and libsamplerate source tarballs and about 90% of that
is the freebsd fetch/libfetch client.

To give you an idea, I see about 1100 libsndfile tarball downloads
in the last 24 hours and about 930 of those were fetch/libfetch.

I mentioned this on #freebsd on freenode and db@ suggested I email
this list and ask you freebsd people to mirror these traballs and
update the ports files to point to the mirrored versions.

I'm not on the list, so please CC any responses.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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