Ekiga 2.0.11_7: No video

Robert Kopp kopp.robert at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 08:16:25 UTC 2010

I have a new installation of 8.0-release (i386) and a Philips-based Creative Labs Webcam Pro Ex. The pwc driver was compiled from the port in the distribution. 

With Ekiga (installed as a package during the OS installation) I get sound, both input and output, but no video. The echo test works.This is an application that was claimed to work with pwc at a Website devoted to that driver: http://raaf.atspace.org/

When the Webcam is used with mpeg4ip, built from the port, video clips can be made. (The command is "mp4live.") Oddly enough, though this application is supposed to be "experimental," it works fine.

There seems to have been much interesting work done in February 2010 to get Webcams working with Ekiga in FreeBSD, judging from the messages on this list. I do not have much experience as a developer, but if someone could refer me to experimental code or sources of information on this subject, I would appreciate it. The ports collection of the release version does not have, for example, webcamd, though it is used by those attempting to get Ekiga to work. 

Robert "Tim" Kopp 

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