Updated cx88 driver, now with PCIe!

Bruce bruce at freebsd.zuhause.org
Sun Oct 25 19:05:08 UTC 2009

Jason Harmening wrote:
> As usual, the kernel drivers should attach to any CX23885/7/8 device.
> The initial CX23885-family cards supported in userspace are the
> Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1250 and HVR-1800.  Unfortunately, these are not
> dual-HDTV cards.  Each has one MPEG transport stream attached to the
> digital TV frontend, while the 1800 has the other transport stream
> attached to the analog frontend via a hardware encoder.  I'll shortly
> begin work on support for the DViCO Fusion 7 Dual, which *is* a
> dual-HDTV card.

Is the Hauppauge 2250 (dual-HDTV card) supported?

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