FreeBSD Terratec Cinergy Piranha DVB driver updated

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Wed Oct 7 10:51:13 UTC 2009

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On Sat, 11 Jul 2009, Ganael LAPLANCHE wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Following my previous message :
> I am pleased to announce that I have updated the sms1xxx driver to use the new
> USB stack, so it is now possible to use it on 8.0-BETA1 and recent -CURRENT.
> The driver is available on my contributions' website :
> And the README file is there :

Dear Ganael,

thanks for your work porting the siano driver to FreeBSD.
I own a Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick (Model 1295 usb_vid 0x2040 usb_prod 
0x5500) and i'm using your driver together with the firmware from 
successfully on FreeBSD-8.0-RC1.
I've patched the mplayer port to support DVB input and this is working for 
the initial tuned channel as well (mplayer dvb://"Channel Name") but as 
soon as i hit the "h" or "k" key to switch interactively to another 
channel directly with mplayer, i get an error from mplayer and the video 
output freezes.
I've also tried a patched version of the famous VDR 
( togehter with my device and your 
driver and it is working for the initial tuned channel as well. But after 
some minutes i get a lot of demux0.* devices (from 0 to 15) and a message 
that no more filters are available. Interactive channel switching is not 
working here too and in the worst case the whole machine freezes.
Could the problem be the cloning of the demux0 device? IIRC in Linux there 
is only one /dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0 device but i may be wrong here. Most 
probably the applications (mplayer and VDR) are not aware of the demux0 
device cloning and stumble over it, but i'm not sure about this.

I also tried xine from ports but i had no success. It's always reporting 
that "there is no handler for MRL dvb://"

I've not tried kaffeine, as i've not installed any part of KDE on my 

Do you have any ideas how to solve the interactive channel switch problem?
I can send you logs and debug output and patches for the applications if 
you need them.

Kind regards

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The beginning is the most important part of the work.
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