Pointers to debug lack-of-audio

Alexander Motin mav at FreeBSD.org
Mon Nov 23 21:58:31 UTC 2009

Joe Greco wrote:
>>> But that's also getting "Unable to trace" messages. 
>> That what you have configured still require two DACs. Only one seq=15
>> can share DAC with others. You'll have to disable one of them.
> I don't see two seq=15... am I misreading this?  And it isn't clear to me
> what it is that requires two DACs.  There's only one outbound association,
> with all the enabled outputs thrown into it.  Is that supposed to work?  I
> do not paricularly care about headphone jack functionality (nice to have
> but definitely optional)...
>> How much
>> connectors do you have on case? May be some of configured nids is fake?
> Possible, I suppose.  There's a blue and green line in/out on the rear.
> There's a headphone and mic on the front.  Those are all represented as
> nid 16, 19, 20, 21.  There's what appears to be a CD input on the system
> board, I've been assuming that to be nid 15 / AUX.  You suggest nid 17
> was the speaker.  That appears to account for all non-disabled nid's.
>> Looking on codec datasheet, nid 17 is mono out, so it is a good
>> candidate to be used for speaker.
>>> Am I supposed to
>>> be trying to figure this out before trying to play with gpio signals?
>> Better solve all possible problems before, as there is quite large
>> number of combinations.
> :-)
> So I think I'm a little lost on what is requiring two DAC's.  I thought
> by throwing everything in association 0, that'd put the same outputs on
> everything.  

You have configured 4.0 channels (quadro) output with additional stereo
redirection output. To handle this 4.0 setup driver needs 2 DACs. As
soon as you have only one DAC, all you can setup is one stereo output
with additional stereo redirection. It is impossible to make all 3
outputs work, so you should choose which one to disable.

> Am I better off disabling everything and then just walking
> through one nid at a time trying to establish what's what?  I can do
> that without toooo much pain.


Alexander Motin

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