No sound with snd_hda

Mark Daniel Reidel ports at
Thu Nov 12 23:16:01 UTC 2009

Hello people!

I bought my wife a new computer about a week ago and was happy that
sound was working. But once I installed Windows XP (and the correct
sound-driver), sound with FreeBSD 8.0-RC1 stopped working.
When I plug in my mic, I can hear myself speaking on the speakers
(attached to the rear), but other than that, no luck in playing any
sounds :o( I even tried fiddling with the device-hints as documented in
snd_hda, but to no avail.
Maybe someone on this list can figure out what is happening?
I've uploaded a boot -v of her machine to
Any help on what's possibly wrong is appreciated. I'm really clueless
because it all worked until I installed Windows XP *rolls eyes*

Many thanks in advance

- Mark

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