[PATCH] devel/liboil: non-PIC relocations on PowerPC

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at pfeifer.com
Sun Mar 29 17:49:00 PDT 2009

Hi Marcel,

On Sat, 21 Mar 2009, Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
> Attached 2 diff files that
> 1)  fix a non-PIC call, and
> 2)  properly define the global symbols as functions with a
>     non-zero size.
> With at least the first, gstreamer works. It would otherwise fail
> to load some plugins because rtld would complain about non-PIC
> relocations.
> If you want I can file a PR. Or if you're ok with it, I can do
> the commit myself.

I have no objections to this patch, but note that I am not the
maintainer of this port -- multimedia at FreeBSD.org, and I believe
this means you can just go ahead.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this.

Gerald (Jerry) Pfeifer   gerald at pfeifer.com   http://www.pfeifer.com/gerald/

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